Bohemian Style Home Garden

Architectural Style – Bohemian

Floor Area: 15 sq.m, 25 sq.m, 35 sq.m.

Many styles have been blown up in this generation that we can apply in a tropical country. Influenced by 1970’s design, the bohemian style is typically more on natural elements, colorful. Layered textiles and more casual. But, adding a little bit of spice, the bohemian style mixed with minimalist design that can provide relaxation and comfort. For your bohemian style home garden, don’t be afraid to explore and to go a little wild!

Bohemian garden ideas are the perfect solution for conjuring up a laid-back look that’s full of vibrancy. All it takes is a bit of creativity and know-how to curate this eclectic style.

And whilst this might sound a little overwhelming, trust us – bohemian garden ideas are the epitome of comfort and fun! And that’s especially the case if you style them in the right way, which is where we come in to help.