2021 YouTube Videos

Covid 19 Vaccination and Biotesting Center with Drive Thru- 2,030 SQ.M LOT AREA
Socialized Housing: Mid Cost Modern House-50 SQ. M LOT AREA
Modern Mobile Home Design- 203 SQ.M LOT AREA | 70 SQ.M Floor Area
Modern National Sports Museum- 2O,000 SQ. M LOT AREA
Socialized Housing: Low Cost Modern House- 50 SQ. M LOT AREA
Six Storey Hotel Cotemporary Industrial style- 1,012 SQ. M LOT AREA
Scandinavian Container Shipping House- 120 SQ M LOT AREA
Modern Contemporary Small House – 88 SQ. M LOT | 15 SQM FLOOR AREA
Two Storey Residential Islamic architecture Style- 100 SQ. M LOT AREA
Scandinavian Container Shipping Office & Food Store – 115 & 125 SQ.M LOT AREA
Modern Contemporary Small House – 88 SQ. M LOT | 15 SQM FLOOR AREA
Two Storey Modern Tropical House with Terrace 60 SQ M Lot area | 85 SQ. M Floor Area
Industrial Style: Two Storey Rest House With Basement and Infinity Pool I 750 sqm
Tropical Contemporary Private Pool Villa Resort I 900 sqm
Industrial Suburban Food Park I 2,816 sqm.
Futuristic Strip Mall: Two-Storey Commercial Building I 1875 Sqm
2-Storey Mid Century Modern House 312 SQ.M LOT AREA
3-Storey Modern Industrial Residential 96 SQ.M LOT AREA
Brutalism Non – Sectarian Chapel (Total Area: 550 Sq. m)
VERNACULAR TINY HOUSE (Floor Area: 27 sq. m)
Transitional Style Home Office Interior Design (FLOOR AREA 15 SQ.M/ 25 SQ.M/ 35 SQ.M)
Modern Japanese Restaurant 150 SQ.M FLOOR AREA
American Craftsman One Storey Residential Model House 110 SQ. M LOT AREA | 55 SQ. M TOTAL FLOOR AREA
2-Storey Vernacular Coffee Shop with Private meeting room and Drive thru I 540 Sqm.
2-Storey with Attic Vernacular Resthouse I 500 Sqm Lot Area
Modern Tropical 3-Storey Commercial Building 800 SQ.M LOT AREA | 582 SQ.M FLOOR AREA
Modern Filipino 2-Storey Duplex House 200 SQ.M LOT AREA | 164 SQ.M FLOOR AREA
Modern Contemporary Apartment I 200 Sq Meter Lot Area
Modern Style Beach House (Lot Area: 300 sq. m)
Industrial Style 2-Storey Mixed Use Building 300 SQ.M LOT AREA | 500 SQ.M TOTAL FLOOR AREA
American Craftsman 2-Storey Single Detached Residence 99 SQ.M LOT AREA | 85.45 SQ.M FLOOR AREA
Non-Food Retail Store Walkthrough (Total Area: 150 Sq. m )
Bohemian Style Home Garden (Room Area: 15 sq. m, 25 sq. m, & 35 sq. m)
Homeschooling Room Interior (Room Area: 15 sq.m, 25 sq. m, & 35 sq. m)
Two Storey Modern Filipino House (Lot Area: 150 Sq. m)
Two Storey Mediterranean Residential House = 120 SQ. M Lot Area | 82 SQ. M Floor Area
Modern Bungalow House 120 SQ. M Lot Area | 48 SQ. M Floor Area
Vernacular Architecture Bungalow House (Lot Area: 150 sq. meters)
Modern Chalet Bungalow House | 80 square meter Lot Area
Two Storey Minimalist House | 80 square meters Lot Area
Contemporary Two Storey Residential House 100 SQ.M LOT AREA | 91SQ.M FLOOR AREA
Modern Asian Zen Bungalow House 100 SQ.M LOT AREA | 47 SQ.M FLOOR AREA

2018- 2020 YouTube Videos

Two Storey Commercial I XJG Architecture Old Video
Two Storey Residential I XJG Architecture Old Video
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Sample Project of XJG Architecture (CHECK IT NOW!)
XJG Architecture Kawit Branch Part.2

XJG Architecture Kawit Branch Part.1
Modern Zen Two Storey Residence I 130 Sq meter
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Two-Storey Residential Building
Two Storey Commercial halo halo Resto
Two Storey Residence Molino, Bacoor, Cavite
Two Storey Residential Building in Portavaga Subdivision, Imus City
Two Storey Quadruplex Apartment at Caridad District, Cavite City
Balcony Extension Bucandala, Imus, Cavite
Two-Storey Residence (Lot Area: 241 sqm)
Grand Centennial Homes Project (Lot Area: 241 sqm)
Two Storey Residence (Lot Area: 166 sq. m)
Two-Storey Residence (Lot Area:180.00 sqm)