About XJG Architecture

XJG Architecture is a company based in Imus, Cavite. It is a single proprietorship company. The business started as a freelance practice in the year 2009. It engages in Architectural Design and Planning.

XJG Architecture is a design, management, and general construction company. We prepare plans, secure permits, engage in construction, design calculations, and estimates of Interior, Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, and other types of buildings.

The staff is composed of a group of individuals from different professions and fields of practice who are committed to supporting each other. It is composed of Architects, Engineers, and skilled and well-experienced non-skilled construction workers. They have all the experience locally and internationally to compete in the industry of design, construction, and management. They have proven good quality of workmanship in their own categories.


Our mission is to safely deliver any project, any time, in any environment for the satisfaction of our clients, staff, and the communities it serves.


Our vision is to safely and consistently deliver world-class quality service and workmanship. Assuring the clients that their dreams will become a reality.

This is Architect Xyra Joy Gan – Hernandez, and I help entrepreneurs turn their dream space into reality through architectural design and construction.

Are you an
👉Home Owner?
👉Lot Owner?
👉Business Owner?

Who are planning to build your DREAM SPACE but have no time or having trouble with the following:
👨‍💼Doesn’t know what’s Illegal and Legal according to the National Building Code of the Philippines
👩‍💼Doesn’t know how to Design and Plan a space ergonometric, esthetically, and efficiently
👨‍💼Doesn’t want to waste time and money while the construction is ongoing

Then worry no more because I can help.
✅Learn how and where to start
✅Know the Step by Step Guide in Securing Building Permit
✅Know the Different Ways to Finance your Dream House and/or Space
✅Know the Prices of Common Construction Materials Available in the Market
✅Know the Standard Cost of Residential Construction
✅Know the Standard Rate of Manpower in the Market
✅Learn House Design for 60 sq.m. 120 sq.m. 150 sq.m
✅Tips to Avoid Scam

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Hey there, Consultee!

First of all, I’m really excited to hop on this Free 15-minute Architectural consultation call with you to give you my personal insights, and house design ideas, show you the exact processes you must go through, and guide you step-by-step on how to start building your dream home, and much more! 

This consultation call is for you if you are a…

Entrepreneur or homeowner who’s curious, enthusiastic, and driven to build his o her house but needs personal insight and guidance from an expert. 

Thing is, this 15-minute consultation was supposed to cost P 1,400 pesos…but now, I’m giving it to you for free. This opportunity rarely comes – so what are you waiting for? Book a call now! 

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