Industrial Architecture is known for its uniqueness and being one of the modern movements in designing. It is responsive in incorporating material and new technologies in building designs. This Architectural movement started in the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s. It really affects a lot of aspects not only in our life but in the building designs.

Stephen Gardiner once said that “The Industrial Revolution was another one of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization”.

The Industrial Revolution introduced new building materials such as steel and concrete. And it formed industrial facilities and design. Then there was an Industrial Revival in architecture where adaptive reuse, modern aesthetic, and utilizing spaces, and consideration of sustainability emerged.

Industrial Architecture Main Characteristics are Open Planning, Aesthetic, Exposing of Raw Materials, Passive Design, and Incorporating Innovations or Technologies.

  • Open Planning is about considering the convenience in circulation inside the area.
  • Exposing Materials is letting the Raw Materials to be the main design that gives uniqueness, stability, and masculinity.
  • Exposing Materials also gives an Aesthetic value of not depending on ornaments, synthetics, or finishes. Just exposing the raw is the strength and uniqueness of the design.
  • Passive Design considers the penetration of Natural Light and Ventilation to the building as the primary needs of the users as well as their comfortability.
  • Incorporating Innovations is about the main objective of industrial architecture as it gives an opportunity to the new elements, technologies, and new materials to be incorporated in the design. It also consider the sustainability of the development.

Even if it is considered as the darkest phase in our history. There are such things we can benefit from today. There’s a lot of technologies that improve the qualities in life, there are innovations that we are still using until now.

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