Do modern contemporary homes sell?

Do modern contemporary homes sell?

Many people mistakenly believe that modern and current design are the same thing. But there’s a world of difference between the two. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably to describe similar concepts, the terms modern and contemporary are not interchangeable when it comes to design. Modern design alludes to a bygone period, whereas contemporary design is focused on the present and future.

Modern design often features wood and earthier elements.

Contemporary design features state-of-the-art materials, glass and metals.

Modern vs. contemporary design colors.

Contemporary design frequently employs a limited color palette of black, white, and grey. If color is used, it is usually a pure, saturated tone such as genuine red, indigo, or orange. Rust, turquoise, brown, and olive greens are examples of modern design hues with an earthier tone.

Modern vs. contemporary similarities

  1. The esthetics are both minimalist

2. Clean, architectural lines are their signature

3. They both have an open-space feel

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