Non Sectarian Chapel

Architectural Style – Brutalist

Total Lot Area: 550 sq. m.

Gross Floor Area: 193 sq. m.

Brutalist Architecture is a timeless design it may not look from the future but it wont make less of a design. The simplicity and rawness of brutalism and being true to its unique texture makes it feel more solemn. Brutalist Architecture may look a little bit boring from its one color grey that makes up the whole building. In this design we tend to be creative on the interior instead of being true to its exterior form which is pure concrete. We add a texture of wood and greenery to uplift the mood of the chapel. The exterior shows privacy and security as it tries to hide what is inside and the shape of a building is like a house pertaining to people that the church/chapel are our second home. 

It may seem differ than the typical chapel that is more Romanesque Architecture. We take a different approach as we combine resourceful materials and simplicity towards the building. By its edgy design we try to create the building to have passive cooling as by the design of brutalism that may look hot for tropical summer. The interior cooldowns the building as wind comes from left to right.