One Storey Modern Contemporary Apartment

Architectural Style- Modern Contemporary

Total Lot Area: 200 sq. m.

Gross Floor Area: 79.6 sq. m.

A 200 square meter Lot area with 79.6 square meter Floor Area. It consist of carport, living area, kitchen, dining, one bedroom, toilet and bath. The architectural style used in this One Story  Apartment is Modern Contemporary Style. Similar qualities may be seen in both genres. When attempting to tell them apart, this is probably where a lot of the misunderstanding comes from. Simple, uncluttered rooms with smooth, clear lines and creative flare are common in both types. This creates a welcoming atmosphere by providing a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Ornate patterns and hefty components are not preferred by any style. Contemporary settings, on the other hand, can regularly deviate from this guideline when trends shift. Sofas, chairs, and ottomans in both designs feature exposed legs. They’re all attracted to shiny surfaces like exposed metals and glass. From structural beams to raw wood end tables with metal bases, exposed wood can be found in abundance in both types.