From plans to reality, XJG Architecture and Construction with its dedicated team of skilled and professional workers, provide full construction services for your desired project. We also offer full repairs and renovation services for your home or office.

We are sure that you are excited to have those ideas in your head finally come to life. After months of planning, it’s time for the next step — finding a general contractor in the Philippines to actualize it. This may just be one of the most crucial parts of the entire process. Your project completion lies in the hands of whom you hire. Hiring poor, unskilled contractors will leave you with shoddy work and wasted money and time. Make sure that you don’t neglect to do your research.

While general contractors may be easy to find in the country, you want to settle for a reliable contractor — one who is not only competent but one who will bring your dream space into reality and go the extra mile. Here at XJG Architecture, we can provide that for you. 

All About XJG Architecture General Contracting Services

With us here at XJG Architecture, you are guaranteed the best results along with a fuss-free experience. To help you make a decision, we will walk you through our services and give you an insight into our company. Scroll down for more! 

Full-Service General Contracting

Leave it up to us to make your project a reality. We are a one-stop shop that is here to support your project from start to finish. At XJG Architecture, you are presented with professional insight into the entire project — from pre-construction to post-construction.

Also, more often than not, contractors switch between projects from time to time. This results in higher costs and prolonged timelines. Here at XJG Architecture, you are our top priority. We assign a specific team to your project where you are their main focus until your project is complete and established.

We Cater To Different Industries

Building a commercial building? Industrial property? Or maybe you’re seeking a renovation of your current facility? Regardless of what’s in the works for you, XJG Architecture is here to help. We are the preferred general contractor in the Philippines for most projects — big or small.

Top-Notch Workforce

The thing about most general contractors is that they tend to be a jack-of-all-trades. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. However, we believe that some spaces and areas are more complex than they seem. Here at XJG Architecture, we do things differently. Our workforce is comprised of individual experts specialized in their field of trades to accommodate every specific part of your space — from general contractors to electrical contractors. We believe that leveraging the collective experience of our highly-trained experts will produce high-quality and long-lasting results.

Up-to-Date Engineering

For years, XJG Architecture has been the country’s compelling model of an innovative general contractor in the Philippines. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and more efficient processes to further enhance the quality of our client’s projects and provide them with modern and up-to-date outcomes. You may just be one of the first establishments to have the newest technology in the industry!

Reasons To Choose Cross-Link

It is important to be meticulous in the process of looking for a general contractor in the Philippines. It is not enough to look through the services. Make sure you do your research about the company’s brand, who they are, and what they aim to do. This will ensure a healthy relationship and a better outcome for your project. 

We want you to know more about us! Read through the top reasons why you should choose our team: 

Committed To Quality

With us, you experience quality throughout the whole process. We ensure that your project’s materials are handpicked and tailored to your needs and specifications. No matter what your price range is, we ensure all the materials are of the highest quality. Apart from this, we are passionate about giving you, our client, a smooth-sailing process. XJG Architecture delivers your projects on time, on budget, and per specifications. 

Through our assessment with you, we will make sure to list down your preferences and discuss with you the different options and alternatives on how we can further enhance your project. We are also transparent about our quotas and we meet deadlines on time. You will also be working closely with us all throughout. We will be updating you regarding your project every step of the way.

Years of Experience

We started from humble beginnings. Our company has been in the industry for almost 10 years now. Our first ever big project remains up to this day, which is a stretch of residential projects in Cavite. We’ve always believed in our vision and have always committed to hard work. Gradually, XJG Architecture grew into the top general contractor in the Philippines it is today.

Brand Reputation

Building trust and long-lasting relationships are something we’ve been doing since the start. By 2012, we had already made a name in the community as regular design and build contractors for Private Home Owners here in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Manila. We are still regular contractors of these big names today. See more of what we’ve done for industries and companies today by reading through our Project Gallery. 

XJG Architecture As Your General Contractor in the Philippines!

When you’re about to begin any project, searching for the right general contractor in the Philippines is the key to its success. It will have you garner all the hard work that you’ve put into planning and visualizing. 

Rest assured that your projects have been put into good hands here at XJG Architecture. We have been continuously providing our clients with nothing but premium services for almost 10 years. We are passionate about constructing spaces that will exceed our client‘s expectations. And just like you, we want nothing but the best for your space. 

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